Monday, January 17, 2011

ice ice baby

We were recently the recipients of our 3rd winter "storm" since moving in our house. It has been so neat for the boys to get to experience the snow and make these memories as we went so long without any snow at all! This time it was definitely more ice than snow, but that didn't change the fun! We have several steep streets around our house and all the neighborhood kids had a blast on the Homewood Luge! After lots of sledding, we shared cocoa and cider with our neighbors. The next day we hosted an impromptu Snow Brunch at our house for 2 sets of our neighbors. Fun! Fun!

proper sledding attire is serious business

one of our little BFF's who is like a little sister to the boys :)

the two Hughs take the hill!

Grayson gets ready! We had all manner of sleds out there ;)

another of our sweet friends~Harper

4 Parris men on a sled take one of the hills by our house!

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