Tuesday, June 19, 2007

you don't get to see this everyday!

a couple of weeks before we moved we noticed a bird's nest in our clematis vine that grows up the column of the front porch. being the shorty that i am, i was never able to see the eggs. but just a day or 2 before we left, the eggs hatched! i was so excited to get to show the boys. i hadn't seen a newly hatched bird since i was a little girl in my grandmother's yard. my favorite part was watching the boys faces as jamie held them up on the ladder to see inside the nest. full of wonder. they each got the biggest smile on their face. leaving was a little sad not only because i wanted to see how the birds changed and grew, but because we brought home our two and nurtured them in that nest just like this mama bird. it's difficult to leave the first house where you brought your babies home and all the memories made there. but, we're really excited about the future and where we are now, too. it's bittersweet. this poor mama bird didn't know she was picking a bad spot when she made her nest. our door was opening and closing constantly w/ all the moving of boxes. she was startled and flew away each time.

i thought i would post some of the photos i snapped of them. please excuse the poor photography as i had to stand on tip toes on a step ladder and hold the camera above my head to get these!

grayson: "the mommy bird will come back to the nest?"
me: "she will."
grayson: "she's goin' to buy them some groceries, worms, butterflies, bananas and grits."

Friday, June 01, 2007

i love this little girl!

Recently, Amanda, Anna Caroline and I spent some time at Aldridge Gardens shooting AC's 9 month photos. I couldn't have asked for an easier session! It is so sweet to see Amanda with her~she's just a wonderful mommy. I know I am a smidge biased, but is she not one of the cutest kids you've ever seen? I had so much fun proofing this session. She definitely has her Aunt Jessi wrapped around her finger!!
These are 2 of my favorites. See her full gallery here.