Wednesday, July 29, 2009

in our suite

we remembered to take a hostess photo after shower, but Lynds was already gone :(
catch ya next time!

in the Partay Wagon!

anything about these shots tell you that the boys use this little point and shoot alot? the smudgy screen and overall foggy look, perhaps?

looking very Boho chic in her maternity glory :)

July has been a month of celebrations in the Parris household. First, Gin's baby shower for sweet little Knox who is due next month. And then Aunt Molly's wedding (more on that soon)!
Sadly, I accidentally deleted most of the photos from Gin's shower, but did salvage some from our GNO following. We had a blast staying in a suite at the Tutwiler and hitting the town. Time with these dear friends is always sweet!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


We spent the 4th with some sweet friends who know how to throw a party! They live practically at the foot of Vulcan and we couldn't have asked for a better spot to view the fireworks.

Molly's festive decor

what a cutie

all my boys

watching the fireworks

some of the kiddos

M helping himself to some Cheerios


when all is quiet, this is usually where i find him...
on his way upstairs! a lot of times he will come to me, wave, and say "bye!"
and then head off. i know exactly what that means and where to find's his way of giving me a heads up, i guess :)

swimming lesson treats with friends

Father's Day

Star Wars night at the Barons game

with our friends H and MH watching the Barons

I realized recently that I have not blogged all summer! It's been a fun one and one that has gone by too they all do. We've had a lot going on and while it's never easy being home with 3 rowdy boys all day, I so love having them home! I enjoy the more relaxed pace and I always get so sad when it's time for another school year to begin. I am excited about the new school and helping Sum get acclimated there. I get so excited knowing that he's starting a community school where he'll be for all his school years (as far as we know!) and all the adventures and friendships those years will hold.We've been focusing on getting plugged in more specifically to our community this summer and what a treat it has been! We love it here and are so thankful! Here are a few highlights from our summer days and I'll be posting more of what we've been up to soon.