Friday, June 04, 2010

And E makes 3

kids that is! I've been photographing this family for several years now. They have really become sweet friends. They all have these gorgeous blue green eyes that seem to be lit from within. E is the newest member of the family and we met up recently for her 6 month session. Check out those rolls! As my 2 year old would say, they are "Dewishus!" The only time I've seen rolls on a baby that rival these are on photos of my little brother when he was this age! Such a cutie...

Thursday, June 03, 2010

old favorites

In going through the last 6 months of images to make room for the new, I found these that I never blogged about.

I love these girls so much! We shot these back around Christmas. The bright colors truly match these girls' personalities. We had lots of fun playing hide and seek and enjoying lollipops. Their mom is a dear friend. The kind who is comfortable walking in my house and making herself at home. The kind of friend whose home I feel the same way about. Good people.

She has such a great perspective on what true beauty is. She teaches her girls that it is not about being perfect and put together all the time. This makes for a great shoot and allows me to capture the girls as they really are. And when our children are grown, isn't that what we all want to remember? Those sweet quirks and their uniqueness? I love how she let them be free to be themselves and have fun w/ the shoot.