Monday, April 27, 2009


the masked man approacheth
(you can just hear the Imperial March, can't you?)


this picture makes me laugh every time. Jamie...or Bill Cosby?

S turned SEVEN last month and since we eat, sleep and breathe Star Wars around here, how else to celebrate but with a Star Wars party?! S and G dressed as Obi Wan and Yoda and greeted the guests at the bridge of the park with a light saber, which was each guests' party favor.

we then had Jedi Training led by Jedi Master Jamie...

each Jedi was trained in Balance (carrying an egg in a spoon across a narrow ledge), Light Saber Fighting (hitting bubbles a.k.a. "Droids" with their light sabers) and Blaster Target Practice (Nerf gun used to shoot a poster of Darth Vader).

after each Jedi was awarded his certificate, there was a surprise visit by Darth Vader himself (a rather good sport, he was).

a fun time was had by all!

to see photos of the birthday boy at his photo shoot at Sloss, check out my other blog!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

what's been goin' on...

on the front porch

heading out to see Wicked!

out on the front porch being social

my saint patrick's day baby

not a technically great shot, but he looks so mild mannered and at peace there in his room ( a rarity these days, let me tell ya) that i had to post it :)

lots of change going on around here...mainly a change of address! we moved over spring break and are slowly but surely getting settled. we LOVE our neighborhood and community and are humbled by the graciousness of friends, family and new neighbors...and grateful to be HOME.

the boys are excited because we can walk to their favorite pizza parlor. i'm excited b/c i can walk to the school, library, grocery store, the kids clothing consignment store...and most importantly, the Creamery-land of Only 8! :)

thank you to all you sweet friends and family who brought us meals, who kept our children, helped us move and were excited for us through this transition. we truly mean it when we say we couldn't have done it without you!

we hope you'll come see us!