Monday, August 24, 2009

at sea

time is few words here, but many photographs. they say it best really, anyway.
these are some of my favorite images from the beach this summer.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


can you tell this shot was taken BEFORE the ceremony and dinner?

with their favorite aunt

with Nerny-who, as always, was a huge help all weekend so Jamie and I could enjoy the festivities.

Mimosas backstage

Grandaddy Alton at the start of the service

Meade and Uncle Michael

loved the creativity the florist used. and i love detail shots at weddings :) so fun. aren't the colors delicious?

corraling the party animal

getting his groove on

Father/Daughter dance

Cousin Jenny and Lydia

Jamie and Becca..we love our baby cousins!

they're hitched!

(we took a LOT of photographs all weekend, so i had to break this up into three posts!)

Monday, August 17, 2009


Friday evening was the rehearsal in the gardens and then we all enjoyed a great meal and toasts at John's City Diner downtown.

Molly+Jonas Wedding Weekend

brunch, cooked by Sherry and Grace, was divine...

the gift all the brides receive from the Ya Ya's...
jamie and i have one, too. it has the bride's new last name initial on the front and the Ya Ya's names on the back.

the view

Another big event for us this summer was the marriage of Jamie's sister, known around here as Aunt Molly. The weekend kicked off with a gorgeous bridesmaids' brunch steeped in lots of meaningful tradition at a friends' home on Smith Lake.