Monday, March 15, 2010

Sarah + Mitchell: The Engagement

I know that if you follow this blog and actually see a recent post pop up, you expect me to preface it with, "I am so behind in posting!" or "It's been a while since I last blogged..."

and since I don't want to disappoint...there it is ;)

I will save you some boredom and refrain from listing the many reasons for the lack of blogging. You all know them anyway! It's never dull around here!

What I will say is that I am happy to post some of my faves from a recent engagement session. Sarah and MItchell met on a blind date in their common hometown and are getting hitched in 2 months. I wish them all the best! Had a blast with them and new puppy, Nick (that's right-named for none other than Saban). Thank you guys for letting me capture your road to the aisle!

Want to see more of this gorgeous couple? Go HERE.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

old friends and new babes

Last weekend, some of my oldest friends and I had an old school slumber party. Time with them is always sweet. It's hard to beat the combination of friends you've known since kindergarten, terribly bad for you snacks and a stack of old TEEN magazines! We laughed. a lot. It was fun indeed.
I also got to have a couple of photo shoots with the two newest babies of our group...which, for me, was the icing on the cake of a perfect weekend!