Sunday, November 25, 2007

to meade

when i look at you i can't imagine a more beautiful creature has ever been. and yet i felt this way at the birth of your brothers. there is just nothing like the birth of a child. after His Son, is there any greater gift on earth that God could have given me than to be your mother? i frequently am overcome with tears by how much i love you. before one has another child, it is normal to wonder, "is there room in my heart to love another like i love the children i already have?"
the answer is a resounding "YES!"

you are perfect in every way. every tiny little feature. i'm trying to just relish each second and yet i'm sad because each day passes so quickly and i can't make them stop. soon you will be 2 weeks old. where did these first weeks go? i am sure i'll soon be asking the same question about your first year. your daddy is just giddy. he can't get enough of you and is constantly coming up with ways to engage you so that you'll stay awake a little bit so we can see those deep, questioning blue eyes.

so far you are a very laid back little man. you only cry when you are hungry or having your diaper changed. you have made the funniest little noises and expressions and gestures. daddy and i could stare at you all day never needing to get up and do anything else and be perfectly content.

we are very excited about having a baby at the holidays. what a festive time of year to have a precious new life! we had a very relaxing stay in the hospital with you. one blessing of having a c section is that you get to stay an extra day or 2! we have been richly blessed that our stays at the hospital have been sweet and restful. that is something i don't take for granted. we got there at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday and didn't leave until noon on Saturday. it was like a vacation for mommy and daddy to just dote on you and focus on the newest member of our family. you had many sweet guests come by to meet you for the first time. you are so loved!

when we left the hospital, it was decorated w/ beautiful trees, wreaths and plants that were not there when we were admitted. we were ushered out to a brisk cold day with gorgeous autumn trees lining the exit from the hospital. your brothers were so excited to greet you when we arrived home, they both climbed into the car to peek at you before we had hardly put the car in park! they want to hold you all the time and we have loved seeing the family that God has given us all together in our house. your grandparents, a friend and your uncle were also here to give you a big greeting when we arrived home. we promptly placed you in front of the christmas tree to begin the paparazzi session! you've almost gotten to the point where you don't flinch at the sound of the shutter! by the time you arrived home, you had already had approximately 700 photos taken of your sweet face, hands and feet and that's just w/ mommy's camera! no one will be able to say that our 3rd child's birth and homecoming was not as documented as the 1st two ;)

we go back and frequently check on you in your bassinet and watch you sleeping. we marvel to each other, "there's a baby sleeping back there!" our hearts are overflowing with love for you and prayers are offered constantly in thanksgiving for this new life God has given us at this time when we celebrate the birth of our Savior and King.

i love you,

Saturday, November 17, 2007

football players are tuff!

I met some friends for brunch this morning and when I got home I found these 2 tough guys in my back yard playing football with their dad. They are ready to show little brother #2 the ropes!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Day at the "Punkin" Patch

This year we took the boys to a different pumpkin patch slightly closer to our house and the boys loved it! I think it may have come out ahead of the rest due to the cool hay maze it had! They jumped and bounced and wrestled w/ Daddy and didn't want to leave. I'll try to post punkin carving and halloween photos when I have more time.

and they're off!

with their finds

"bert" the pumpkin. the boys don't really watch sesame street anymore, but when s saw this pumpkin he thought it was shaped like bert's head. he was so excited about carving a face to look like him.

waiting for g to make his leap

the boys could've stayed in the hay maze all day!

this one is a little blown out b/c i forgot to tell jamie what setting i had the camera on. oops!

g riding "gravy train" the pony

s riding " trigger"