Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This guy brings me such joy. Today was one of those days. While I was putting out fires today and running around like a chicken he was just along for the ride and happy to be here. Not every day is like that, for sure. This boy knows how to throw down a Threat Level Midnight Temper Tantrum. But, when he's not doing that he's the absolute sweetest, most affectionate, joyful buddy.

One of my favorite things he says these days is a part of our bedtime routine. I ask, "Are you my sweet baby?" and he responds, "Noooooo! I da hunny!"

I love it! I ask him over and over just to hear him say "da hunny!"

In addition to Spring Cleaning my house, I really need to Spring Clean my computer. I found these that I took several months ago. I spend so much time ordering other people's photos, that I neglect my own! So many little treasures hiding in my Mac begging to be hung on a wall. Ahh...maybe one day!