Friday, October 31, 2008

new blog title!

well, since i have the separate photog biz blog now, i decided this blog title needed a makeover more suitable for it's contents. pretty catchy, huh? some of my husband's corniness is officially spilling over to me ;-)

Field Trip!

pointing to his baby picture and big boy picture on the board

class photo

lunch cooked over the campfire

skipping with his teacher...she is too cute!

Yesterday G and I went on a Field Trip together! Such a joy for me to slow my pace and really spend the morning focused on just him . He is still at that precious age where he wants me to hold his hand (even when we are walking with his friends). His joy was written all over his face that day, especially as we boarded for his first field trip on a bus! Camp Hargis really puts on a "snappy" field trip as his teacher says! We started by taking a beautiful hike around the lake to a field where we went on a hay ride. We then listened to a story of how pumpkins grow, went to the pumpkin garden to see their differently shaped and colored pumpkins. Then, it was off to the petting zoo, a story inside a teepee, a game, and then roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over a fire before choosing a pumpkin and heading home.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

hold on to your hat...

because this is seriously cute.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Autumnal Nuptials of Team Smith!

Ginny is married!
The "autumnal nuptials" finally arrived and she was a breath-taking bride! So beautiful!
The weekend was a sweet ending to a full week for us. The kids were out of school for fall break so we headed to a cabin in the mountains to have some family time. I'll post pics of that soon...I hope! I still haven't posted our summer vacation pictures! We came home for 2 photo shoots before heading to my home town for birthday celebrations, 2 more photo shoots and the weekend wedding festivities!

My heart is full of joy that God has brought a precious life-long friend her companion for this life. I won't soon forget the glow on her face as I watched her walking down the aisle and as she and Dan said their vows. What a blessing to see them so happy!

Every detail was very "Ginny" from her awesome dress to the flowers. She couldn't have had a prettier day for a wedding. The weekend was full of laughter, happy tears and joy. We love you Ginny and Daniel and look forward to many more happy memories with you both!