Thursday, August 30, 2007

grocery shopping w/ 6 kids~fear factor ain't got nothin' on this.... have got to check out this ebay listing. my friend kate who is an extraordinary mom to four found this and posted about it...i couldn't resist sharing it as well.
if you are a mom who needs a laugh, check it out.

i only have 2 and one on the way, and while my experience can't begin to compare w/ the comments she gets, i still get the occasional stare-and i live in a part of town where people are having more and more kids-4 is not abnormal! or the question, "is this one a girl?"
"no? another boy? bless your heart...." OR "i gotta know, is this one a girl?" (i reply that we have another sweet little boy on the way) which is met with a sympathetic look (usually accompanied by a jaw drop when i tell them i still have 2 1/2 more months to go before giving birth) and a wish for luck, etc. etc. etc.

this ebay woman has the blessing of a sense of humor, which i know she needs w/6 kids!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Milestones. or potties and k-5

the 2 big kids starting their 1st day of school! sum and miss e have been friends from birth.

little brother waving goodbye as his buddy goes off to school

a few minutes later this is what i found g doing ;)

i had sent him to wash the jelly off of his hands after breakfast...

and the clever little guy figured out how to pull the stopper on the sink....

and make himself a mini bubble bath!

sum getting some practice w/ the son of one of our friends (he is SO good w/ babies!)

so, we've been working on potty training while big brother is at school....

after a success, g put his undies on his head and did the potty dance naked while eating his favorite candy, smarties! then he killed a little time on until it was time to potty again ;)
he takes his job as resident underwear model seriously

this house is officially inhabited by 2 big boys! sum started k-5 a couple of weeks ago and g is potty training. sum has loved the first weeks, has a wonderful teacher, and is in the same class w/ one of his best buddies. a mother's prayer answered! i hope that he'll continue to enjoy learning. as for the younger brother, we're doing pretty good so far. he's been going a little on his own for the past few wks, but nothing consistent and this summer has not allowed for much consistency! so, we're trying to tackle it before our sweet baby arrives.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

by the sea

so, i've been a bit negligent in my posting lately. i know this has been a huge let-down for all of you lurkers....yeah right! he he know who you are!! this may just be the busiest summer i can remember in my history as a mom! but, i did want to take a sec to post these sweet photos from the beach...maybe i will do better about posting in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

my apple tree

"as an apple tree among the trees of wood, so is my beloved among young men. with great delight i sat in his shadow, and his fruit was sweet to my taste." ~song of songs 2:3

early in my marriage a wise woman shared with me to enjoy my husband, to view him as my apple that stood out among the others. i've often thought back to those words.
i was thinking about this blog and how i so want it to be a way for my children to look back and view it as a scrapbook, to read the cute things they did or said, to view family photos, to get a glimpse of my heart and what i was thinking through at the time. but, as much as i write about them, i don't want to neglect the gift that is my husband. how i want them to see how i delight in him and want them to hear from my lips what a great man he is!

of course, i want to be honest, every marriage has ups and downs and sometimes you just don't see eye to eye. sometimes the valleys you go through may seem like they'll never end. and we certainly have those times. times when some particular attribute of his drives me up the wall and we squabble over this or that. but through it all, God shows me and reminds me how richly blessed i am to have him as my partner through this life. when i have had what seems the hardest of days just trying to do all i need to do to run our household, or get my child ready for school, when the boys have done nothing but whine and argue all day, how much harder would that be to deal with if i didn't have such a supportive husband that comes alongside me emotionally to back me up?

i was talking to a friend today whose best friend had recently lost her husband. she was going through his things in the drawers of their home. as she came along her things, she wondered, "what do i do with my lingerie?"
this broke my heart and at the same time reminded me how precious our days are. of course, my prayer is that God would allow us to enjoy a long life together. but nothing is guaranteed as this so soberingly reminded me. yet, God knows all of our days and holds us in His hand. without His love, I wouldn't have the love of my husband and for that my heart pours out gratitude to Him.

last october, when i turned 30, we realized that we'd known each other for half my life. now i've known him longer than i've not known him. he is my true companion and here are a few reasons why i love him so:

he knows and sees the me that no one else knows...all the good and bad...and loves me completely, anyway.

he knows my interests and doesn't blow them off as "girly" and insignificant, he pays attention to what i'm interested in and really shows that he's into me.

he loves my friends and cares about them.

he has never complained about anything i've made for dinner in nearly eight years of marriage.

he is romantic.

he makes me laugh everyday. which is so important, especially at the end of the day.

he is a rock. he takes on emotional me and helps guide me with wisdom.

he is great with people...all types of people.

he is the greatest father and i'm so thankful our three boys have him to look to.

he is adventurous. i love the "little boy" look in his eyes when he gets to take a kayak out on the ocean, or when he catches a fish at the beach to show the boys, or how he gets so excited about taking the boys on mini hikes and goes to great links to find just one crawfish for them-just so they'll be able to see one.

he is merciful. he is concerned about the marginalized, the downtrodden, the poor.

he loves God's creation and wholeheartedly enjoys exploring it and preserving it for generations to come.

he is patient and kind.
he let's me sleep in when i need it~which is a lot.

he always tells me i can and believes in me, even when i don't.

he is clear-headed and can say what is on his heart clearly and eloquently.

he is not quick to act or do something rash.

he balances me.

he challenges me to not just follow the crowd and jump on the bandwagon, without looking at both sides and really thinking about the issue.

he has a great mind. he is always seeking to learn, but never believes he has all the answers.

he is a thermal nation, as i call him. i can always rely on him to provide warmth when i'm cold, though not much these days between the heat wave and pregnancy!

he is the embodiment of Christ's unconditional love for me. thank you for loving me so well.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

so it's back to real life now after our last summer vacation before the start of big kid school this week. i can hardly believe it! needless to say, it's all about quick and easy this week!

Monday: Salmon with Puff Pastry-this is so delicious and when i made it the first time i couldn't believe what a breeze it was! great for company, too.

Tuesday: Shrimp Coconut Soup-it's a bit hot for this given our current heat wave in the south, but i crave spicy food even more when pregnant than i normally do!

Wednesday: Grilled Chicken and Lauren's Black Bean and Corn Salad

Thursday: Dinner at the home of friends. I'm taking this salad: Cranberry Spinach Salad

Friday: Fresh local vegetables from the Farmer's Market