Sunday, June 07, 2009

ATL weekend

checking out the view from our hotel room

no hotel stay is complete w/o a pillow fight

one of my favorite photos-love this wide angle shot of anderson cooper

on the cool slide in centennial park

this photo needs no explanation if you know my boys!

broverly wuv.

the highlight was trying all the coke products from other countries

not the fella you would want to run into in the big blue sea

true to life

a few weeks ago we took the boys to atlanta for the weekend. a last minute stomach bug almost kept us from going, but thankfully M perked up enough for us to keep our reservations and get away. we had a great time! it was good to step. away. from. the. home. renovations.

we hit the atl aquarium, the world of coca cola and a couple other atlanta favorites.

Monday, June 01, 2009


mr. curls is five.

how can that be?

to celebrate he chose 3 of his best buddies to go have pizza with him at his favorite pizza parlor. then it was on to his favorite bakery for cupcakes and finally, bowling! that was entertaining!
i think their favorite part was watching the ball come back up the machine, actually :)

happy birthday, GFP! we love you!