Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i've been tagged!

well, i've been tagged by my friend Summer...and this one is pretty easy so here goes...
what you do is go to the 4th folder in your photo library and choose the 4th photo within that folder and share 4 things about it.
so, being a photographer, the likelihood of it being a photo of my own children was 50/50 ;-)

this photo was taken at my friend rebecca's where we did a cousins shoot with her 2 precious boys and these 4 adorable sisters who were expecting their 5th sister in just a month!
they all had the coolest names and the session was a treat for me!

so i tag: allison stephens, ginny smith, kristen hall and april brown! and i know you are ALL going to do that this week...tomorrow even...right???!!! ;-)
merry christmas!