Monday, June 23, 2008

Congratulations to my man!

i'm a little behind in posting this...but then that's at least consistent with other areas of my life! ha! an update on our family...hubby has a new job!
his last day at the old company was a couple of weeks ago. yea for him!...and us! after nearly a decade with a big corporation he has been offered a new and better opportunity and has decided to move on. among the many great things about this move is that he'll be working for a smaller, but well established company. working for a large corporation that doesn't value family, to say the least, can wear on a man. i'm really proud of him and thrilled that he can now have a more fulfilling job that uses his talents! also, he'll be working both with and for friends. and, another added bonus, the office is a mile from our house! we really want to minimize our footprint, so to speak, and get even more plugged into our community, so we're thankful for the added blessing of working where we live. the only down-side we can possibly see is not being able to work with this friend (who recently moved). so... this post is dedicated to the man who works so hard and does such a great job of providing for and supporting our family. congratulations! we love you!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


oh my. i love this boy.
what you are about at 7 have 2 little bottom teeth, you are sitting up...and diving for things, you LOVE to splash in the water, you have the funniest fake laugh and a really terrible fake cough, you do everything "full out", you are quite loud, which fits right in this household! i think you are going to be quite the gregarious one. i've never seen a child smile so much in just 7 short months. you are along for the ride, you sweet boy. no day is ever the same except that it's always crazy, but you still make us keep you up too late, because we just can't get enough of your sweetness.
more cuteness here.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

helping the boys write their names in hieroglyphic

checking out the fish

with grandaddy

showing me the benjamins-the pretend bank is his favorite place in the whole museum

building a train

last week while jamie was swamped w/ work and projects, the boys and i headed to my hometown to visit family and friends. we went to imagination place, which is one of their favorite places to pretend play. we even got to see aunt ginny at her new job at the museum. the boys love ginny! thanks for the tour, friend!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

what we've been up to....

wearing their fireman hats from R & R's b'day party

1st trip to the pool. is there anything cuter than a baby in the pool? i love it! apparently we wore him out!

playdate at the zoo w/ baby G

one morning while S was at VBS we played in the zoo fountains w/ Amanda and her kiddos
watching the giraffes
looking for the tiger

well we've survived the first couple of weeks of summer. honestly, i was pretty scared the day school got out about having all 3 boys home all day every day! it's full throttle all the time and i go to bed exhausted, but it is nice not having to be up and ready for school every morning. at least we can take a more leisurely pace, to some extent!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


the invitation

in his fancy christening duds from nerny

the 5 of us

all the family that attended

we heart pastor tom


On May 25th our sweet third boy was baptized at our church. It was a very special service officiated by Pastor Tom. The big boys did so good standing up there with us! We sang one of the boys' favorite hymns just prior to time to go up for the baptism and Grayson sang his little heart out! Between that and the congregation singing I am Jesus' Little Lamb for M, it was all I could do not to turn on the waterworks! We are so thankful for the Body of believers God has given us. Thanks to all our family and friends who could be there and for your prayers for our son!

*Thank you to my sweet friend Mindy for taking photos for us!