Thursday, January 27, 2011

a December shoot and a request for prayer

hopefully one day soon I'll get around to posting a sampling of my clients sessions this fall and winter. i'm so thankful for all of the amazing families i'm blessed to work with. but, for now, here are a couple of sweet faces that need prayers today.....

this family welcomed these precious girls a year ago and became a family of four! big sis is in 1st grade with one of my boys and we've gotten to know this family through our time at EES.

are these not the cutest little faces you've ever seen? {i realize i say that about all of my clients, but i can't help it!}

i've never met more laid back, jolly babies. and when Mama has twins plus two older siblings, that is a gift!!!!

sweet H (in the green dress) is in the hospital right now and has been for a week. she has a severe case of RSV and is having trouble maintaining progress. her twin is sick at home with similar symptoms but thankfully they have not progressed to the level that requires her to be admitted to Children's. mom and dad are understandably worried and beyond exhausted. right now they could be looking at two more weeks in the hospital.

if you pray, please lift up these precious girls and their families. they need it and would be so grateful!

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katie said...

i'll be praying!
those little twin girlies are just about the cutest i've seen!! beautiful job!